Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it Friday yet???

Nope. It's not Friday yet, but it will be tomorrow and I can't wait. Its been a pretty exhausting week and I am not sure exactly why. On Tuesday morning I went off to my early morning Bible study. Right in the middle of it my phone starts ringing loudly. It was one of those times where everyone is looking at you, but you can't find the phone to shut it up! It was Richard, but I ignored it. Then I got a text and another phone call. Realizing that it must be important, I left Bible study to find out that the truck wouldn't start. So, I took Richard to school and picked him up. Later that night, he decides to ride his bike back to school to finish some lab work. Gets out the bike and the tire is flat. It was just one of those days. The truck goes in on Monday to get fixed.

Dad and Jake came up on Tuesday night. They got into Lincoln at 11pm and left the next day at 5:30pm...not even a 24 hour trip but it was good to see them. I saw Jake for approximately 20 minutes the entire time. I wonder if this is any indication of how it will be when he moves...

The week hasn't be bad, just draining and long. Plus, really uneventful as you can tell with this post. I leave you with 3 thoughts:

1. I need a pedicure. Big time.
2. I'm craving a slushie right now.
3. 23 days until Hawaii. I already want to start packing.


Laura Mmmhouse said...

Yay! 23 days is close!
Seriously i agree today should've been Friday! and i think we all need a pedicure!

millhouse said...

I can sympathize with you on the unexpected flat tire; always a bummer.

Oh, and my blog is back.

Richard and Heather said...

I'm glad you got your blog back! You guys are the only people that comment on mine!