Thursday, June 12, 2008


Do you remember the feeling of the last day of school for the year? The day was filled with so much anticipation of the next 3 months of freedom. Your senses were going crazy with all the excitement. You could smell the sunscreen and chlorine, and the food on the grill. You could hear crickets chirping, splashes from the high dive, and fireworks at 4th of July. You could taste the sweet corn, the sun tea, the watermelon, the fresh veggies, and the shaved ice. You could spend late nights with friends, and then wake up without an alarm. You could read books to your hearts content (okay, maybe that was just me!) I wish adults could have summer vacations too!

It's a beautiful day outside. I can't tell that from my desk on the 15th floor in the hallway that would be very dark without the artificial lighting. No, the only reason I know is because I just walked by a co-worker's office and saw the blue sky. Most days I take my lunch in the park across the street so I can relax for an hour in the sunshine. For that hour, I feel like I am on summer vacation again, time stands still, and I don't have to go back to work.

Now, there is a different feeling to summer. In the summer, the restaurants downtown aren't filled with college students over lunch and campus feels desserted when I take a walk. The streets downtown are Thursdays nights aren't filled with college students searching for "fun." In the summer, I have more energy when I get home to go for a run or to the pool. We seem to get out and enjoy the evenings together when the sun stays out. In the summer, the weekends are filled with soaking up sun and playing outside.


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Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

awwww i remember working down town. loved it!....except when the weather was nice. =)

few weeks and your summer dreams will come true!