Thursday, June 5, 2008


For the last 2 weeks Nebraska weather has been hot, humid, and stormy. Lincoln always seems to miss the brunt of the storms, but last night we finally got to see some action!
We were in a "doppler-indicated" tornado warning, which meant that no tornadoes had been sighted on the ground yet, but the storm had produced tornadoes in other towns, so it was very likely we could see one. Richard and I stood on our balcony and watched the storm come in. It seemed so far away and then, all of the sudden, it was right over top of us. The temperature suddenly cooled and the winds picked up. Then, you could see the rain at the street lights and knew it was a matter of seconds before it hit us.
The tornado sirens went off before the rain started. They only rang for about 2 minutes, but it was hilarious at our apartment complex. About 2 minutes before the sirens started, people started congregating outside to see the storm come in. There were nervous women, picture takers, and many on their cell-phones wondering where they should go if a tornado should come. Richard and I opted to stay in our apartment until we saw or heard that a tornado was actually on the ground. It turned out that Lincoln only got the rain part of the storm, and A LOT of rain. Guess what...we are supposed to have the same song, second verse tonight!
After the rain quit, Richard and I went out to watch the lightning storm. We got some pictures, but it doesn't do justice to the extreme amount of lightning. Neither of us had seen anything like it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, after Richard called Rick we also went out to watch. It was incredible! So many lightning strikes at the same time!!! Thanks for posting your pictures!


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

girl that's crazy. too bad we missed it!!! Tonight you should hop in your car and go looking for tornados!!

As exciting as it would have been, I'm glad you didnt' get swept away in the storm cause who would we go to Hawaii with then?? SWEET pics though!!