Tuesday, June 10, 2008

32 Days

If you are a friend, family member, enemy or an acquaintance I just met on the street, I am sure that you have no problems coming up with what happens in 32 days. For those of you who have no connection with me (and therefore should not read my blog), we leave for Oahu in 32 days! We are spending 12 days (counting traveling days) vacationing at a destination that I believed I would only visit in my dreams.

If you are wondering what we could possibly do for 12 days in Hawaii, I must ask you, "Do you know where Hawaii is?" I plan to see everything that island has to offer for the 12 days we are there, and when I need a break, I am going to the beach and soaking up all the UVA and UVB rays I can. Haha, obviously exaggerations, but I can't fathom we will get bored especially with Ryan and Martha there most of the time, a pool in the backyard, and a beach within walking distance. (By the way, our house is right on the other side of that volcano in the picture!)


Ruth said...

You and your countdowns crack me up!!! I hope you guys have a blast! I AM SO JEALOUS! I want to go back there so day!

Audrey said...

Hey I wouldn't get bored in 12 days, I'd lay on the beach the whole time.... sounds awesome and I can totally relate to all the summer memories. Hey the good thing about being home with little kids is at least you can have a little more freedom to enjoy the weather. So maybe in a fews eh?? :)