Monday, May 5, 2008

A Marathon Weekend

This was a marathon weekend, figuratively and literally! Friday night we got together with our flock to play games. Richard beat me at Dutch Blitz so it was a great night!
Saturday started bright an early with Bible study, then I got together with my old roommate for lunch, and then a bridal shower for a friend. That equalled lots of eating, but also fun. Richard and I played cards and ate more spaghetti that evening.
Sunday was the actual Lincoln marathon. We got up at 5:30 so that we could get to UNL at 6:15ish. My comment when we arrived was, "It amazes me that this many people would get up this early on this cold of a morning to run this far." Obviously, I was not one of the runners. Here is a picture of us, cold.

Richard lined up while Rick and I took off on our bikes to watch him throughout the race. Richard debuted his short-shorts for this race. I first saw him at the 1-mile mark. Then, I rode up to Sheridan and Van Dorn to cheer him on. I am sad to say that I pooped-out there and had to sit a while and warm my hands and wait for my stomach to relax. So, I next saw him at 20th and Van Dorn. Then, I stopped 3 more times before heading to the finish line. He did awesome and it was a lot of fun to watch him race. I also saw other friends out there running. Here are some action shots, mostly taken by Rick and one from the website. I have a hard time with the hand-eye coordination while also attempting to cheer him on. I am not even going to bother bringing a camera next time.

He's waving at me!

Richard did awesome. When he got to mile 10, however, he started getting really fatigued. He mentioned that he saw a big tub of jelly beans at one point on the course and thought if he would have taken some, it would have given him a little bit more energy. The final time was 1:29:49 for 13.1 miles. He place 13th out of 193 in his age group and 82 out of 4217 overall. THAT IS AMAZING!
I hope he continues running for fun and in street races. They are a lot of fun, even as a spectator. You would not believe the number of people lining the streets cheering everyone on. Side Note: Did you know they have these boards with globs of vaseline at the aid stations? Runners can grap a glop as they run by and slap it on if they are chaffing!

Here is a picture at the end of the race. I think the expression on his face describes exactly how he was feeling!
Afterwards, we took naps and relaxed. We went for slushies and a walk at Pioneers Park and then a Marathon Party. It was a marathon of a weekend!

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Audrey said...

Congrats to Richard on the alum award deal and on getting 13th place. I thought your dress was super cute. And those running pics look like hell on earth. Richard looks like he wants to drop dead in the last pic. Just reminds me why I hate to and don't run. :)