Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blonde Moments

My life has been characterized by "blonde moments" that prove to be frustrating and repetitive. It seems like I can go through stages when I have them more frequently than others, but they are always there. If you are not sure what I mean by "blonde moments" I have decided to give you a few examples.

There was a period of time during high school that, one time each week (at least), I would either lock my keys in the car, or leave the lights on so that it would not start after school.

Once, I not only locked my keys in the car but also the spare keys in the trunk. $40 later, I had both sets of keys back.

My debit card always seems to be an area of frustration. Twice, including today, I have been forced to dig through the smelly garbage to retrieve the debit card that I accidently threw away. One day, I spent all morning searching for my debit card & freaking out, to then find it underneath my chair at work.

Ruth has been a witness to me leaving my purse and my coat at several restaurants and businesses.

Just yesterday, I went to Target and, after checking out, could not find my keys. I asked customer service if they had found them and then searched each section of the store that I had visited to find them. After all that, I found them in my purse!

Most people fall down stairs and trip over objects in their path. I fall up the stairs and trip over the bare floor.

Once, I was grocery shopping and it was raining. About 3 hours later, Richard receives a call from Hy-Vee. Apparently, I left my purse in the cart in the rain and an employee found it when bringing in the carts.

Those are a few examples that pop in my head. To combat some of these, I have Richard carry important documents (like boarding passes when we are flying) so that we can avoid the inevitable. Those of you who know me well and can think of more, post them in the comments. Honestly, if my head wasn't attached, I probably would have lost that as well.

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