Friday, May 23, 2008

An exciting Friday

First of all, I must inform my readers on how Jake did at State so far. His first event was the 3200 (2-mile). All of my information comes second hand, but I hear it was a fantastic race. Jake led the way and then took off with 700 meters remaining. He was far ahead and the finish was in sight. He was unaware of a competitor who had caught up by running a 62 second lap and was closing in on Jake. Jake crossed the finish line at 9:35:62 - fourteen-hundreths of a second (or about 2 feet) behind the other competitor. Second place at the State Track Meet is just awesome and not to mention that time. Way to go, Jakey! This sis is pretty proud.

Second, I must inform my readers on a surprise trip that Richard planned for us this weekend. We are going CAMPING! You know, I almost brought home a huge tote of Dad's camping supplies that are now mine, but thought that we probably wouldn't be going for a while. So, this is a great treat. It is supposed to rain, but oh well. I still think we will have a blast because it is our first trip together. I am getting so excited just sitting here thinking about it.

Third, an ortho update. I got a new rubber band that attaches to my top right incisor to my lower right pre-molar. This is no wimpy rubber band's thick and I get to wear it 24/7. Let's just say I will be staying away from the close-up pics. But the best part is still to come. At night time, I have a total of 3 rubber bands stretching to different locations throughout my mouth. It's pretty attractive and I have no difficulting opening my mouth whatsoever :). I can feel and see results, though, so it is worth it. Honestly, I cannot believe it has almost been a whole year since I have had them on. Tim, my other bro, wore his for 5 years and now has a great smile.

Fourth, here is Rod's thought for this week:
The walk with God in our journey through this earth takes some interesting turns before we get to eternity. All of these turns and twists are full of joy and excitement when we realize the Lord uses these for His glory and an exhibition of His grace in our lives. In light of God’s unfailing promises, enjoy all that He has for you.
“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1:6

Hmm, if that doesn't change you attitude today, I don't know what else will.

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Audrey said...

I feel your pain with those rubber bands. Does this mean you're getting towards the end?? I had my braces on for nearly 5 yrs too, hopefully you won't be that long, I thought you had great teeth to begin with!