Monday, April 21, 2008


Do you have a pair of shoes that you absolutely love? They are comfy, cute, and can make your day? I cannot believe I am posting about a shoe, but I am extremely frustrated with myself. At the end of this you will be saying, it's just a shoe, and I know that. But, this particular pair wasn't one of those cheap pairs that you buy and expect them to break or get tired of in a few months. These shoes I bought before I was married and I have not had to purchase a new pair for 2 years because they have been so great.

My side of the closet is not exactly the most organized place in our apartment. So, a few weeks ago, I go really fed up with my shoe rack and decided that some of the shoes that haven't been worn in the past year (aka, those so dusty I could not tell what color they were) could be tossed. Yesterday morning, I was very excited because my toes were painted and ready for my favorite pair of black sandals. Yes, it was going to be a good day. When I got to my closet, however, I could only find one of those great sandals. I searched all day, trying to find that missing shoe, but it is gone. I am afraid I must have accidently tossed it with some of old shoes. This is one of those things about myself that can frustrate me to no end - I go through these spells of losing things. So, today I am trying to search for new black sandals, but not just any black sandals. I am hoping to find the same exact sandals that I bought 2 years ago - so far, no luck.

I think that is enough about my shoes (I just realized this is my second post about shoes-sad). In other good news this week, our friends that live 2 floors down in our apartment complex are moving to 2 doors down from us and Saturday is the David Phelps Concert!


Anonymous said...

I will keep good thoughts that you find that sandal! I think it is just hiding somewhere in your closet (look on Richard's side!) Hope you find it.

Joan : )

steph said...

does your comment about your side of the closet being a bit disorganized imply Dr. Richard's is much neater?? if so, it must be a dentist thing, b/c my side is also much messier than my other half =)