Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hawaii, here we come!

After buying tickets, the airline then going bankrupt and shutting down, many calls to the credit card company to get our money back, and lots more searching for flights, we have officially booked flights to Hawaii, again! Talk about a load off of our shoulders! I am pretty sure that when we are sitting on the beach, eating pineapple, and hanging with some friends without a care in the world it will all be well worth it. Don't worry, I'll take plenty of pictures :).


Laura said...

hoooraay!! i'm so glad you were finally able to get tickets again and now you don't have to worry about it. this airline is more stable? i'm jealous. a nice warm beach sounds great right now. i'm so tired of the wind and rain.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...


Bring on the pineapple!!

hmmm wonder who those friends will be.... =)

Steph said...

i'm so jealous..... yay for tickets!!!