Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rental Car

My car seems to have a magnet in the rear bumper that attracts other cars to it. Because of that, my car is at the body shop for the 3rd time in the last 5 months (1 time = my fault, 2 times = not my fault). It is pretty sad when you call the body shop and they remember exactly who you are.

The fun part about getting your car fixed at anothers expense is that you get a free rental car to drive around. Last time I got a Dodge Caliber - ew (I hope none of you have one). This time, I get to drive a 2008 Silver Pontiac G6. The good things: really quiet ride, love the red interior lights, really easy to go fast in it, it isn't red, and super clean inside. The bad things: the ceiling is lower than I am used to and it is really hard to drive slowly (so I really had to stretch to find some bad things).

I am kind of leery about rental car companies because of a bad first experience, but Hertz was extremely helpful and nice. All I want to do is drive around in my "new" car, yet I also don't want to injure this car. Therefore, I will probably not have as much fun with it as I could. I do think it will be hard to get back into my Neon after this.

Airline ticket update: Still have not bought new tickets for Hawaii, but did purchase 2 tickets to Chicago. In 21 short days we will be off to visit Ryan and Martha and the boys! Really pumped about that.

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