Monday, April 28, 2008

David Phelps Concert

David Phelps came back to Nebraska! Before I lived in Lincoln, we traveled here to see him in concert at Berean. This time he was in Grand Island; so my aunt, Ruth, and another friend, Angie, came to visit this weekend from Kansas City so that we could all go to the concert. It was awesome! If you have never heard David Phelps sing, you are missing out. Not only is he a fabulous Christian artist, but also one of the best tenors out there.

Ruth and I spent most of Saturday shopping for shoes. We did not even purchase one pair, which is a typical outcome of a shopping trip with me. I did find a pair to replace the lost black shoes (they are very similar in style and comfort), but am holding out until they go on sale. We had fun and tried out some new stores. Then Ruth, Angie, and I set out for Grand Island in the pouring rain to eat dinner and then be at the church before the doors opened. When we first got to the church we were surprised at the number of gray hairs lined up waiting for the doors to open! David isn't really a "gray-hair" type vocalist. As the church filled up, however, we did see younger people. While we waited for the concert to start, I got bored and started snapping some pictures...

Ruth, Me, Angie


Getting really bored...still waiting.

Almost time...


We decided not to get our picture with him this time (I already have 2 of those from previous concerts), but I did want to get you all a close-up so you could see what he looks like. During the entire concert I kept thinking, "Oh, I am going to post those lyrics on my blog." But, I thought that with about every song, so I am not going to post any. You will just have to borrow my cds or something. I hear he is on K-Love every once in a while, too.

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