Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lunch date

Today was a long time in coming. For a while, my good friend Leah and I have been having lunch together each week. We had gone 2 weeks without a lunch date and finally got a chance again. Leah was the first person I really got to know in Lincoln. She and I used to work together at the bank and both had husbands in dental school. We have been friends ever since and I look forward to times when we can hang out more whether it is lunches, shopping together, or getting pedicures (which we need to do soon!). Now, she has a 6 month old, Kate. Kate and I were buds when she was too little to care who held her. Then we went through a stage where I could look, but not touch. Today was a break-thru and Kate was happy to be in my arms! She gotten really fun too because she talks and laughs and smiles and plays. As you can see in the picture, we will have to teach her to sit in a more lady-like position, but those things come. Anyway, I wanted you all to meet Leah and Kate, my lunch buddies and my friends.

In other news today, plane tickets to Hawaii are a low $998 each right now. Sweet.

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Richard and Heather said...

Leah, this is a horrid picture of me. I can't believe I put it on the internet! We are doing a new one next time.