Friday, April 11, 2008

Professionals Day

Today was the day that Richard presented his research. After months of tedious work and stress, it was over in a few short hours and a 5 minute presentation. I think he did an amazing job - the poster turned out great and his presentation sounded really good (and intelligent). Let's see if I can remember the title: Osseous Changes in the Temporomandibular Joints of Patients using Bisphosphonates. Or, in simple form: Bone changes in the jaw of women on Boniva. Here is a picture of my hubby next to his poster. What a stud.

We had lunch afterwards. We are both exausted and about to fall asleep in our food. This afternoon is the awards ceremony and then it is all over. Finals in a week and then my baby is a Senior!!

Also, I debuted my new shoes and purse for the event. I took a pic of the shoes. They are patten-leather flats and the most comfortable things ever! Hmmm, is it bad that I have 2 pictures of the shoes and only 1 of my husband?

Well, no posts over the weekend because we don't have internet at home. I'll catch you up on Monday. Highlight of the weekend - THE OVEN for dinner tomorrow night!


Steph H. said...

I love the OVEN - how was it?? We should go together sometime!

Audrey said...

thank you for putting that in lay people's terms, very impressive Richard! And lovely shoes Heather!