Thursday, May 12, 2011

Unexpected Shoes

I haven't bought shoes for a long while - in my books. But in the past 2 weeks, I have unexpectedly received not 1, but 2 new pairs!

First, a friend unexpectedly gave me a pair of silver Gianni Bini sandals that didn't fit her right. Think woven 3/4-inch strap up the middle of my foot and then a woven strap around the top of my foot. Look great with jeans and I am very excited to have them. (I can't find a picture of them online.)

Then, I was shopping a few weeks ago and felt I needed a pair of Sperry's Top-siders. I tried on a really cute pair at 3 different stores. But, I never actually bought them. They weren't really a need, and I knew we should spend the money on something else.

Then I unexpectedly received a gift card to the mall the next day. I promptly went over and ordered my new shoes and they came in the mail yesterday. I am very excited about them and now feel very much the need for a sailboat.

This is the first pair of shoes that I have paid full-price for in ages. I don't foresee any other cute shoes in the near future, besides cheapy flips or flats. Have you bought any cute shoes lately?

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Laura said...

Yay! Enjoy the new shoes! That was a fun surprise.