Monday, May 30, 2011

Here it comes!

I said a few good-byes yesterday. To my sweetest little helper at the office, Madi. To my uncle/boss. To people we love. I. hate. saying. goodbye. It's emotional and I don't do well with emotions. So don't be offended if I disappear in the night.

Um, let me just give you a brief look in the week ahead:

 - golf for hubs
 - quick trip to wichita for some st. louis necessities including a garmin for me, a modem so i can be connected to the world, and an underground fence
 - a backyard cookout with some of our friends

 - car in the shop
 - coffee date
 - packing must happen
 - some sort of random grocery shopping
 - various phone calls for the move preparation
 - reading for various book studies
 - dinner at Grant & Becky's

 - still no car
 - more intense packing
 - my last wednesday morning book study :(
 - dinner at Norm & Joan's 

 - still no car
 - last day of internet access
 - finish the packing
 - last small group study (for me)
 - not sure about dinner since all will be packed

 - pick up car
 - pick up my brother from Emporia
 - return modem to Cox
 - pick up uhaul?
 - cleaning and any leftover packing
 - dinner will be interesting
 - sure to be a late night getting ready for the big move

 - pack up the truck
 - finish cleaning the house
 - drive to Kansas City
 - and its really gonna happen

Not mentioned: random coffee and lunch dates that will pop up, friends coming over to hang out while I work, and everything else I am forgetting.

I'm so thankful for dinner plans this week - means I don't have to worry about it. I'm so thankful for amazing, godly women that I have gotten to know. Wow. I'm so thankful for Hubs. It's just gonna be me and him soon.

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amyc said...

So bittersweet. We're sad to see you go, but excited to see how God uses you in St. Louis! Plus, it's a place to come and visit! :)
Praying for you guys this week. Hope to stop by sometime in the madness...let me know if you need a caffeine fix!
- Amy