Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Um, spring?

When the temperature rises above 90, its a little much for me. Especially before June July. As a girl with her heart in the northeast, I enjoy a mild summer with temperatures steadying out in the mid-80s.

So, although the warmth has not yet become unbearable, it reminds me of the staggering temperatures to come. Really, the only time that I have enjoyed the heat was when I was on the beach.

And, for the last 3 days of heat I have been dreaming of the soft sand, the salty breeze, and the warm water, I could go for living on the beach, or near the beach. Really,  I could go for being within driving distance of a beach.

But, since that is not foreseen in our future, I could just take a few more weeks of spring. In other words, temperatures in the 70s.

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