Friday, May 6, 2011

A new step

On Wednesday, Hubs and I signed a lot of papers that mean today we own a house.

     A house that we have seen once.

     A house that we won't see for another month.

     A house in a town we are unfamiliar with.

     A house that I can't wait to live in!

This means that it is really going to happen. We are going to move soon and we are going to have a house. One in which we can change anything we want to! After 5 years of living in wonderful rentals, (and I truly mean that) I am ready for this. I get more excited about moving each day, not only because of the house, but for this next adventure.

I'm already pretty attached to the house. It is the only thing that I know for sure about the move. And so I've been wrongly clinging it to it. But when uncertainty about a job, church, friends, city, and even what school will be like is lurking above me, I've found comfort in this house that I know we'll be living in. I picture our things there. I think of what we will do to the house and where we will spend out time. I even think about cleaning it and get excited (weird). The problem is that what I should be clinging to is God. Not this house.

I think its great to be excited about this. I think its great to want to change the house to fit our style and needs. But, I remember today that God alone has given us this house and the resources to update and improve. And that now that we have a house, we want to seek to use it for His glory. So, I have to make an daily, active shift to cling to my Savior & Lord in the midst of uncertainty, not this house.

Now to picking paint colors...

We've never been able to paint walls and it kind of makes me nervous. I found a few paint colors that I really like, one that I am absolutely sure of, but as much as I love looking through home magazines and what others have done to their home, I am at a loss in my own. Never fear, though, I'm still searching through what will be the right option and I'm confident we will find something.


Melissa Marsh said...

Congratulations!!! It looks adorable and perfect for the two of you (plus the dog!).

We were very fortunate in the house that we're renting - we painted every single wall. I went with a bold Victory Blue in the living room and it turned out amazing.

Have fun decorating!

Monique Bergmeier said...

Enjoy your home- you are right, it is a gift from God and I know you will use it wisely! Have fun picking out paint colors...hopefully I will join you someday soon on that adventure!