Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That's one way to get rid of the dead tree

Yesterday Hubs and I were outside noticing that we have 2 dead trees in our yard. They aren't big and basically look like giant sticks pointing out of the ground. 

Later that evening, Ransom's leash wrapped around the tree and broke it off - obviously, it was very dead. Ransom wasn't about to let a little trunk of a tree stay poking out of the ground where we could trip and fall. No siree, he went straight to work to remove the hazard from our yard.

First he used his strong jaw and teeth. He began gnawing at the trunk frantically. I'm sure he was hoping to gnaw it down so it no longer poked out.

When that didn't work, he put his paws to work.

Man is he good at digging. In less than a minute he had created a large hole, making it easy to get the tree trunk and root out of the ground. (Notice the tree/stick in the grass?)

It has occurred to me that someday, when we own a yard, his digging won't be cute anymore. In fact, it will probably make me scream and shout at him. We are creating a monster...


Shanle's said...

too funny!!

Leah said...

I want a dog :) How are you guys? Chris graduates June 30th and we move the next weekend with a 1 month old baby is crazy around here!!! miss you heather!!!