Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life goes on

A little over 22 years ago, my brother was born. I don't remember how I felt about him at that time. I mainly remember not being allowed to see my mom and spending the night somewhere other than home.

My very first memory of Tim is actually in North Carolina, so a few years later. My first memory of Tim is us playing outside with a giant bouncy ball. There is no reason for me to remember this. No special occasion. Just playing outside with my brother.

My next memories are from New York. Tim once rode his tricycle down the road to where I was playing with my friend. I remember us playing on our swing set, sledding in the snow, helping feed horses, and being at Gram's house. We played soccer, we learned to swim in the lake, we played together pretending, making up stuff, and being kids.

Then I remember us in Kansas. We made forts and rode our bikes. We got older and argued more. I would drive Tim around and take him to mow his lawns. During the summers I would boss him around and he would hate me for it. We would play long games of Risk on the dining room table. As we got even older, we would go get breakfast late at night.

Then I moved away and, naturally, we talked less. We knew less about each other and we developed into our own persons. Then I got married and we talked even less. Through it all, though, I never stopped caring about him. Never ever stopped loving him.

He called one day and told me he was engaged. The next day, he moved farther away. We chit-chatted at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Didn't even see each other over spring break.

Next week, Tim gets married. As I have mulled it over in my mind, it just doesn't stick. When did my little brother turn 22? When did he grow-up enough to get married? Where did the past 22 years go? And when in the world did I become old enough to have lived and remember 22 years?

I doubt Tim reads this blog, but if you do stumble across it know this:

I love you Timbo and am super excited for you. I'm happy that you will have a wonderful wife to share your life with and am comforted knowing that you and her love the Lord. Who knows where life will lead us, but I hope that we stay in touch through it all. We sure will always be praying for you. You're my little brother; you're stuck with me.
Now that I got that serious stuff out....what color should I paint my nails????


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

I love reading your blog. I think the same....jumping from thought to thought. so funny to read your thoughts....LOVE the pizza baking one....really into that too. Will Dabbert introduced us to using cornmeal instead of flour for the finishing roll-out on the pan. delish. And I have no clue what EVOO is. so guess i'll have to stick to my betty crocker crust-in-a-bag...that and when I have more time. hmm....when will that be....

my toe nails are purple right now. =)

Shanle's said...

how sad... it is amazing how the time flies. i can't remember 27 years at all! it's hard when your little sibling gets married... then you know how old we're all becoming. life is way too short. enjoy it. enjoy it. :)


Anonymous said...

Puke green that big sis we will always be in touch through technology. Then one day when we get to heaven meet me at the front right corner if there is one. And we will catch up. Lol maybe