Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is what I did when Hubs went away for 5 days:

Never did I realize how lonesome I would be if Hubs weren't here. So lonesome that I could almost complete a 1000-piece puzzle in the course of 5 days.

It was quiet. Ransom doesn't talk. I always had the TV on.

I also always had the lights on. One light in almost every room so that I could go through the house without walking into a dark room. It's just kinda freaky.

Now, I realize how much I need Hubs. He's my best friend. He's who I talk to everyday. He's who I depend on everyday. He's who I rely on.


Shanle's said...

is that thomas kinkade??

ah, it's rough being apart from your best friend, isn't it?? glad he's back!


Anonymous said...

I know how that is...my husband was away for 6 weeks!
Mrs Young

Richard said...

i'm not going anywhere...i always be here for you while we're on this earth.

i love you,