Saturday, February 12, 2011

Worth it?

I love trying new products. Especially if the marketing is appealing. I am one of those people who is sucked in just by how it looks. So, I thought I would continually share my findings so that you can know whether it is worth it, or not.


Bear River Valley Cereal

This cereal is located right with the rest of the cereals and as I was standing in the aisle trying to decide what to get, it popped out. Mainly because it is the only bagged cereal on that side of the aisle, but also because it looks so healthy and earth-conscious. Then, when I saw the bear-logo, I could not pass it up (I love bears).

The cereals have such cool names, too: "Frosted Tumble Wheats" and "Marshmallow Avalanche." The best part was that the cereals tasted good.

I paid $2.99 per bag, which isn't cheap. Although I liked the cereal, if Frosted Mini Wheats are cheaper, I will get them instead.

They are only worth it if they are cheaper.


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

The worst household chore is cleaning the tub. Why? It's gross to say it, but it is the hair; and how I never feel like it is absolutely clean. 

So, when I saw these at the store and because I love regular magic erasers, I tried it out. I know you are thinking that I could just use a regular magic eraser instead of spending extra money on ones marketed to clean the bathroom. But, I ended up liking these for a few reasons.

These eraser are a bit bigger. They fit in my hand nicely. I feel like I see a difference in the shower when I am done and don't have to wash towels or sponges out afterwards. They have ridges on them for added scrubbing benefit. They smell clean and you can throw them away when they are nasty! 

I'm a big fan and use these for cleaning the shower. I can't remember what they cost and can only find them at 1 store in town.

It's worth it, to me.


One of my favorite kitchen items of all times. I love zesting citrus and grating hard cheeses now. It is easy and effortless and I have thrown my old zester out! I had a zester from Pampered Chef and it looked nothing like this and worked no where near this good. My cheese grater was a pain when it came to grating parmesan, but this little contraption is a dream. 

This was a great purchase at only $14 (only $11 on Amazon). Don't compromise. Get this if you zest or grate frequently. Get it if you zest or grate occasionally. 

It's worth it!

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