Friday, February 25, 2011

1 Million Trips to the Store

On Monday, I made a grocery list. I planned my meals. I knew exactly what was needed. Although all the items were crossed off when I returned home, I have been to the grocery store more than ever this week.

Tuesday afternoon. I rush home from work to start the chicken marinating for Chicken Makhani. No garlic. I decide to just go without the garlic and sprinkle some not nearly as good garlic powder in. But wait, I also have no limes. So, I grab my keys and shove the dog in the car to get these [2] items.

Home again. Make the marinade. Hours later, Hubs comes home. I remember I had promised him I would pick up some medicine for his cold. Back to the car, Ransom and I head to the store.

Home again. Two minutes later I start supper and realize I don't have tomato sauce or diced tomatoes. Ransom and I get back. into. the. car. and go to the store for the third time that night.

Thursday afternoon. I need to make 2 dozen cranberry orange scones but notice the orange juice is gone. I go to the grocery store afterwork. Then, rush home to start the [pioneer woman's] pot roast. And realize I have no beef stock, which I KNOW I bought. Ransom is happy to tag along again to the store. On the way I wonder if the beef stock is in Hubs's truck, since I used his truck on Monday but don't have keys so just head straight to the store.

Home again. No powdered sugar for the glaze on the scones. Determined NOT to visit the store again, I find a friend that is willing to lend me 1/2 a cup and bring it to Bible study that night. Study gets cancelled, but I am still not willing to take myself back to the store. So Hubs runs the errand for me.

And, I'm pretty sure I have to go to the store again today.



millhouse said...

So what happened? Was the plan/list correct and you crossed off items you didn't buy? Did you forget to include them on the list?? The suspense is killing me!!!

Tressa said...

Oh, crazy week! Maybe your cupboards are like the Bermuda Triangle... they eat groceries and coffee grinders :)