Tuesday, February 1, 2011


2:10 am - I wake up. I toss and turn for a while, then decide to visit the bathroom. It was then I tried to swallow to only realize that my tonsil are inflammed enough to make swallowing difficult and painful. Even worse, a glob of mucus seems to have lodged itself right behind the gigantic tonsils. I gag a few times to try and get the mucus out [in case you forgot, I hate snot, even my own). Then I sprayed way over the suggested dosage of chloreseptic spray into the back of my mouth.

I lay back down and immediately knew that was a bad idea. the mucus raced to the back of my throat and swallowing was not any easier. I head to the couch.

2:20 am - The floors squeek [still getting used to that] as I walk around gathering a blanket and pillow and start the hot water boiling for some "cold therapy" tea. I bring Ransom out with me so he doesn't wake Hubs anymore that we already have. Ransom curls up and falls asleep - obviously annoyed that we were up in the middle of the night. The wind howls around the house and I sit on the couch sipping my tea - wide awake.

3:00 am - How did it get to be 3 already? I know I need to try and sleep. This is the 3rd night of tossing and turning. I situate my pillow behind my head and drift off to sleep sitting straight up, head in the blanket in an effort to breath hotter hair into my sore throat.

4:00 am - Wake up to the clock dinging completely sore from the position. Adjust and try to sleep again.

6:10 am - Hubs gets up. "No yoga this morning?" he asks. I realize I could have slept another hour or so, but wake up. Hubs actually bundles up and walks the dog despite the cold temperature, 24 mph wind gusts and blowing snow. I take a long, hot shower to soothe my throat.

I don't like being sick.

5:20 pm - Hubs brings me a hot cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. He's the best.

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Tressa said...

Aw, so sorry you're sick. I know that scene far too well. Get better soon my friend. Let me know if you want/need anything.