Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our dog has some smarts. Hubs and I will forever be amazed that he found his way back to my parent's house in Kansas City this summer. And, although he does lick the oddest of things, he really adjusts to life in a very smart manner.

I mean, he knew that something was going on during our move. He whined as we packed up and he was constantly on our heels ready to dash to the truck, not to be left behind.

Within 30 minutes of being in our new house, he had found "his" couch and was curled up relaxing. Five hours later we left for a party and he knew exactly where to go when I said, "Kennel." And by the next evening, when we said, "Ransom, let's go night-night," he trotted straight back to our bedroom and plopped down onto his bed.

After 2 days of being fed at our new house, Ransom has completely adjusted and knows where home is. He has even (and we have too) adjusted to hearing himself walk along the floors. Our old home didn't have a basement and he was quiet as a mouse. Now, we hear his ever step, which could be a very good thing. AND, he knows that the best place to poop in our yard is as close the fence as possible, so that he doesn't step in it while playing.

After 5 days, however, I still have to think when I get out of bed of where the bathroom is, when my contacts are, and how to go about my normal routine. And, let's not even go into finding items in the kitchen.

Victory occured yesterday and this morning, though, when I finally found my salt dish and my fleece jacket, both of which I was missing severely. I still have no clue where my napkin holder is hiding.

Yes, I would say Ransom feels right at home.

And we do too.


Shanle's said...

Yeah!! :) I'm glad you settled into your new home (or are at least starting to)! And dogs are smart... So are two year olds!! :) It's funny how are "babies" amaze us, isn't it??


Edie said...

This post makes me very very happy!