Monday, July 26, 2010

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

While Hubs and I took a 5-day road trip touring 6 states (more on that later), the pups stayed behind with my parents in a new city. But Ransom was not content to just stay behind and lounge around. He also wanted to take a trip.

On Friday morning, Ransom set out on his own journey. He ran from the back door and jumped not 1, but THREE fences before my mom could reach the first fence. He ran far away with his leash dangling behind. Kansas City is a big huge place. He has little no regard for the lethal damage of vehicles during rush hour. Plus, he has no idea where he is. Needless to say, he left his owners and grand-owners very concerned.

As my parents searched and searched (both for a living and a dead dog), they couldn't find him. 1 hour. 2 hours. 3 hours. Hubs and I knew we probably would not see him again and were both reliving the moments of twisting those soft floppy ears in our hands.

Ransom has always hung on to this "wild" streak, especially when he decides to chase a small animal. Just a few weeks ago, he got away from me to chase a rabbit. He has also broke free from being tied to a tree to frantically chase after a cat. In Kansas City, where squirrels are so prevalent, it is easy to see that he saw one and would not stop until he found it.

For being a crazy dog, though, he has some smarts. After almost 4 hours of worry, my parents dog (Holly) starts barking like crazy. Mom goes to investigate what the problem is and there Ransom sits. On the front porch. Waiting to be let inside.

Four hours. Rush hour traffic. A new environment. Yet, Ransom returns not to where he ran away from (back door), but to the front door. The only summarization we can get of the journey is that the leash must have gotten caught somewhere because he returned with only 4 inches of it. He most likely chewed his way free, and then followed Holly's scent back. It could be possible that he never even got over a mile away.

So, I guess this means that Ransom does want to have a home, since he returned on his own. He just wants to take an adventure sometimes.


joan said...

So HAPPY to hear that he returned! : ) Yes, as you both said God even watches over Ransom. There were prayers going for his safe return.

Steph said...

wow, your poor mom and dad!!!!!!! lol, glad he came back, can't wait to hear about your trip :)