Friday, December 3, 2010

Get It. Together.

That is what I am telling myself every second. This week has been a blur and I am now beginning to see that I might now have been totally "with it." I am looking at things wondering, What was I thinking?

You see, I've been letting the stress get to me. I don't show the stress. I'm very light-hearted and happy-go-lucky. I go to all my scheduled events and smile and work and talk and listen. But after it is over and I am alone, everything crashes down and I (silently) freak. Then I sit down and read so I don't have to deal with the world.

Today is different. Today, I am tackling tasks that must be done before the packing even starts. Today, I am working out and baking. Today, I am going home and taking an Excedrin Migraine before I collapse.

So pardon me, while I work on getting it together. Hopefully I'll have pictures of our new home soon, with Ransom playing in the background. But, I'd prefer to have pictures of our stuff IN the new house. Magically having appeared there with a twitch of my nose.

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