Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things to be excited about

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354 results - now THAT is exciting

I find myself giddy about all the options we will have once we move to St. Louis. I think people will actually want to visit us there because there is so much to do!

One of the first things I want to do in St. Louis is visit the City Museum. Check this place out - Yes, it's a children's museum, but it is amazing. This is when I really wish we had some kids, but I think this can be the enticement that all our child-rearing friends need to visit us. Seriously, this place has caves, a giant dream of a jungle gym city, an aquarium, a toddler town, an art city, giant ball pits, a treehouse, a two-story slide and oh, so much more. I just might have to buy a season pass.

And, I am a huge fan of zoos. After visitting the San Diego Zoo and the Henry Doorley Zoo, it is going to be hard to find something that beats those. And even though the St. Louis Zoo isn't either of those, it is said to be wonderful and it is also FREE. Hmm, maybe I'll work close enough that I could spend my lunch hour there.

St. Louis has professional football, baseball and hockey teams. Plus Forrest Park and the arch, of course.

And, I can't end without mentioning that I will be in the same town as not 1, but 4 Trader Joe stores.

I think I'm gonna like the big city.

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joan said...

You will be one busy couple! : )