Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Uncle Hubs & Aunt Feather

The year 2011 brought with it many life changes in our little family, and the year 2012 is already expecting one major change in our larger family unit:

Hubs & I will have our first niece or nephew!

Excited much? The next progressive step in our lives was for somebody to have a baby. And I couldn't be happier that it is my brother and sister-in-law taking the plunge. We are joining them in their excitement and can't wait to meet the little guy (or gal).

Their wedding

I love my aunts. They are fun and wise and loving and very special. I hope that I can be that to this little one. I love my uncles. They are crazy and funny and loving and very special. I hope that Hubs can be a favorite to this little one.

So, this Christmas is the last with just the sibs. Next year we will have a welcomed addition, but I want to enjoy this last time together without our time and attention diverted towards the cuteness and antics of the children (maybe they'll have twins...).

But, I can tell you exactly where I'll be next year on Christmas Day:

On the couch holding my niece or nephew. Enjoying everything about him for the limited time I have to see him. And, giving the stare-down to any and all who dare to snatch him out of my hands.

Congratulations little bro & sis. I love you lots, pray for you often and rejoice with your news!

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