Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm ba-ack (said in a sing-song voice). I've ignored my blog for over 3 weeks which hasn't happened in the almost 4 years that I've been blogging. There aren't any excuses for my absence either. I just haven't blogged.

But here I am now, and today I'm sharing a story about the pups.

Ransom has always had a thing for comfy, soft items. He loves stuffed toys, although he never gets them because they end up destroyed and eaten. Our entire upstairs consists of hard wood and tile, so we find him either on his bed in the bedroom or in the basement on the couch [the only piece of furniture he is allowed on]. When we visit our parents, he isn't allowed on the couches either, so he searches for whatever comfy spot he can find.

Over New Year's weekend, the only comfy spot available was a dog bed meant for a pup 1/3 of his size. That doesn't stop this dog. Somehow, he turned and twisted and pushed its limits until he made it work - determined not to lay on the hard wood when something comfy was around.

It might have been a comfy spot, but it certainly could not have been a comfortable position. Minutes later, he was curled up tighter inside the bed, snoring away.

His cousin, Holly, was less than thrilled that he took over her bed.

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Courtney Gill said...

I'm just impressed he stays off the couches he's not supposed to be on. We need you to come re-train Haley. Room and board included. And we realize it may take a month or so.