Sunday, December 18, 2011

St. Louis Site: Candy Cane Lane

On Saturday night, we decided to return a movie by walking to the rental store. It is less than a mile away and the temperature was in the mid forties. After returning the movie, however, we decided to continue walking to a nearby park for fun.

That's when we saw the traffic jam. We continued on our way, but were intrigued over what could bring so many people out that they would wait in line to see. 

The area we were walking around in is known as St. Louis Hills. It has beautiful brick homes and I love taking walks in the area. It was fun this time around because many people had put up beautiful Christmas lights. Even our park had a giant Christmas tree with more lights than I've ever seen.

Traffic was still backed up after we walked around the park, so we decided we had to check it out. Turns out, they were in line to see Candy Cane Lane.

This was one of the most impressive displays of neighborhood lights I'd ever seen. There were lights canopying the street, each house was tastefully decorated, an exquisite sand sculpture was displayed, and they even had a large screen with "Polar Express" playing. You could tune your radio to a certain fm station and hear the movie playing. The residents were taking donations to go towards the Joplin tornado relief and giving out candy canes to those driving through. There were bonfires going and the only thing really missing was some hot cocoa.

This simple walk to the movie store became one of the best outings we've taken in a while. We had commented that it isn't feeling much like Christmas this year, with warm weather and NO SNOW. Seeing these lights made us get in the mood a little more!

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