Friday, January 7, 2011

The Kansas Language

Our area is civilized. We don't drive 30 minutes or more to the grocery store. We don't live on dirt roads. And our fire department is not volunteer only. Nobody I know really has a "country" accent. However, I have caught my use of the English language declining in the past months. I was extremely embarassed today when I heard this come of out my mouth during a conversation with my boss:

"I got to."

I immediately corrected myself, but as those of you who know my boss can imagine, the damage was done. We joked over the fact that my grammar has deteriorated over the past months. Hubs has also noticed that my verb usage has been sub-par. I believe it might be time to move back to the city where I can refine my vocabulary.

In preparation, I think I will go home and read a classic novel, revelling in the beauty of word choice and sentence structure.

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