Monday, January 24, 2011

Good days

What can turn a day into a good day?

A really good cup of coffee. And good doesn't have to mean Starbucks. I'm talking a flavorful, full-bodied cup of hot coffee. Sipped slowly to enjoy the flavor.

A profitable time in the Bible. When you walk away pondering something and working through it in your mind all day.

Getting your workout done in the morning so you feel good all day long.

Finding exactly what you were shopping for - on sale. It hardly ever happens that the exact item you needed is the item on sale. Usually it is a cute item that you don't need, but spend the money anyways because it is such a good deal.

Trying a new recipe that becomes one of the best meals you've ever cooked. It makes the last 10 new recipes that failed worth it.

Getting everything on your to-do list done - then having some guilt-free relax time with a good book or movie.

A great big hug from Hubs. Out of the blue.

So, what turns your days into good days?

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Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

a visit from our long lost friends in KS. =) *SIGH*