Monday, July 5, 2010

Who is that?

** Caution: Scary picture below; view at your own risk. The Feather Files is not responsible for any nightmares you may have after viewing this photo. **

Yesterday, I ran across both the DVD of our wedding (which I had never watched) and the CD of photos from our honeymoon. So I popped one in the DVD player and the other in the computer - for old times sake.

Mainly I was reminded of how skinny I was. And how beautifully tan I was. Thoughts went through my mind: So, that's how those pants (or that top) used to I have to suck-in to get them on. I remembered that my skin can turn dark with a little lot of tanning oil and sun exposure - things I rarely experience now. And how, although I was dark like the natives, Hubs was white as can be - since he was rubbing on 60 spf, while I didn't go above 2 spf.

But then I came upon this disturbing picture. I remember seeing it when we came back and thinking - who is that? It is of course me, but it could probably be counted as one of the worst, unusual pictures ever:

It is just down-right scary. The angle accents, and adds to, my gigantic nose, and one eye is bigger than the other which gives the photo a menacing quality. Like, "my big eye is watching you." The humidity-touched hair frizz simple makes the look more possessed and crazed. Add in the creepy smile, and there it is. The weirdest picture of me yet. (Oh, and mainly the first thing I noticed was my pre-braces smile. The eye-for-teeth has worn off on me)

And because that is SO scary, I am going to post a nice, happy, normal picture of us. I don't want to contribute to any nightmares.


Shanle's said...

I forgot y'all went to Aventura Spa Palace like us!!! I miss that place and hope to stay at a different palace one of these days... and revisit our honeymoon spot, too!!

Shoot me an email soon!


jnet said...

you are a brave girl to post a picture of yourself that YOU don't like!!!! actually i wouldn't have noticed the "bigger eye" or "pre-braces teeth" until you brought it to my attention!!! ( the frizzy hair...yeah :) it was good to talk with you both today! thanks for lunch!!!! i miss you.

Tressa said...

That is true humility posting a picture like that :)! Welcome to the big nose club... never knew you were a member ;)