Monday, July 19, 2010

Baked goods...worth it or worthless?

I don't bake, make, or whip up desserts very often. I don't remember having an abundance of sweets for each meal. There was definitely dessert on birthdays and for holidays, but not every night after supper. Instead, I remember having a slice of watermelon or a bowl of ice cream.

At this point in our lives, making desserts for the two of us seems pointless. First, we like different kinds of desserts. I like frozen and light treats; Hubs likes Coconut Cream or Lemon Meringue pies. Second, when I make a dessert it seems to go to waste.

A few weekends ago, I felt guilty for not ever baking desserts. To compensate, I went overboard. I made a blueberry/raspberry pie:

This was my very first attempt at homemade pie crust. I got it to work on the second try and I think the pie turned out very well. I thought it was yummy. I also found out Hubs is not a fan of berry pie.

Only 2 pieces were eaten and I had to throw the rest of the pie away. I HATE throwing away food.

I also made a trifle:

What's a trifle? It is a layered dessert in a pretty glass dish. This one had lemon pound cake, blueberries, white chocolate and a lemon pudding mixture. I took this dessert to a party, so it disappeared. Hubs liked it despite the blueberries.

And, I made my uncle's famous Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies:

They turned out very yummy, but I threw out half the batch because we just didn't eat them fast enough. I HATE throwing out food!

So, maybe I got carried away by making so many desserts in the course of one weekend. But, from now on dessert making is officially reserved for when we have people over or are going to someone's house.


Anonymous said...

What you can do for 2 people is make a batch of cookies but only bake as many as you want for that dinner. Freeze the rest of the dough. When you want cookies, its really easy to scoop out 6 cookies and bake them. No waste, always fresh! Mrs Young

aconkling said...

How about I bake and give you some of my creations?! I LOVE baking but have the trouble of staying away from: 1. the cookie dough; and 2. the treats once they're done! :)

Tressa said...

Aaron loves dessert and I'm sure he'll take donations since I hardly ever make them!

dana said...

Definitely freeze the cookies! And you would not believe how often we have multiple desserts in our house. Last week we had brownie trifle, zucchini chocolate cake and two kinds of cookies. All in our tummies. :-)

Laura said...

i agree - use your freezer. either freeze the dough and only make what you need or freeze the baked cookies. it's handy to have the option to pull some out whenever! :)

Audrey said...

throwing out desserts!! what a tragedy!! you can freeze up cookies real easier and just put them in the micro for a few seconds. I would've taken all those rejected pie pieces and cookies :)

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

Heather, I'm kinda glad to hear this, because I hardly ever make desserts either. First, I don't really like baking! Second, people (=our parents) are always giving us stuff anyways. And third, I have found, like you have, that every dessert recipe seems to be made for eight people and not two! I also don't expect to have dessert after every meal (some may disagree with me). And I'm not the type to crave sweets anyways (give me something salty and greasy instead). Sometimes we make brownies or cookies (and freeze the extras). But otherwise, baked desserts are a rarity around here. Poor Justin.