Monday, May 11, 2009


I didn't relax when the house was clean. I wasn't even all that excited when we boarded the plane. It was a different feeling this time. I couldn't see out the window as we landed. The excitement just wasn't there. As we gathered our luggage, I still wasn't relaxed and ready to vacation. And, when we picked up the convertible I just didn't get all that excited.

But when we turned into the neighborhood of our Hawai'i home, then, I finally knew being here was a good thing. The breeze from the ocean reached our hair, gently bringing with it the smell of salt water. As we walked into the house, memories immediately flashed into our minds. We stepped into the backyard: this is vacation.

I can finally relax.


Melissa Marsh said...

So envious! Have a very relaxing time, Heather. :-) We miss you around here!

jnet said...

enjoy!!! we miss you :)

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

get it together man. You're in Hawaii AGAIN. =)

Wish we were there too. loved your text the other day. haha

nebraskawhit said...

Awesome! Are you staying at Ralph's house again? Have an amazing time!