Sunday, May 17, 2009

Favorite Spot

Yesterday, we went to my favorite spot on the island. Yes, I am allowed to have a favorite spot having been here twice.

Our favorite spot has crystal clear water. You can see all the way to the bottom while you swim. The ocean is calm and although it drops pretty off into deep water very quickly, the entire floor is sand - no sharp rocks and coral or squishy seaweed like you find in Waikiki.

It is truly the our paradise on the island. The sand is beautiful here, too. Little, tiny, shiny pepples that you can sink your feet into without the fear of scraping your foot on a rock.

Yes, it is hard for us to believe that during the winter months we would merely look at the giant waves barrelling in with enough fear and anxiety to simply stay on the beach. We've only seen it like this - calm, and unable to resist the lure of the teal water. Sunset beach (aka: our favorite spot) is only 1 mile from the Bonzai Pipeline, where some of the best surfing in the world takes place during the winter months.

We've noticed that all the local dogs love the ocean. We saw one in Waikiki jump off the very high groin (think of a cement pier) right into the water where he remained until his owner drug him out. The dog in the picture also loved the water. He swam out with his owner past the teal water to the beautiful blue areas, his dog right along with him. At times, we saw his dog resting on his surfboard.

Hubs and I had been a little disappointed by the lack of sunshine our bodies were absorbing, so I opted to use 4spf tanning oil, while Hubs didn't use a thing. Finally, I am looking tan. Hubs, however, didn't get the same results. He is feeling a little tender today and looking more like a cherry than a beach bum.


Anonymous said...

Red is a good color on Richard! I am sure it was worth it. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to share them. Joan

Melissa Marsh said...

Wow. It looks just gorgeous.

Audrey said...

that beach sounds like my dream beach and ocean to a T!!! if we ever go to hawaii ( ha ha ha) I am going to ask you just exactly WHERE this beach is because I want to go there and swim in that cystal clear water... seriously, I dream of a beach like that... aaahh

Shanle's said...

we went to sunset beach, too... hearing your stories makes me reminisce over our trip to hawaii. it's hard to believe that was already two years ago. we enjoyed our time so much. i'm so glad we went though, before babies. we'll have to make it back there one of these days but i can't imagine flying that LONG in a plane with babies! yikes. =)

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