Monday, May 4, 2009

Leaving the Neb

I have - count them - 16 more days in Nebraska. After living in a place for almost 5 years (3 years longer than I ever planned on staying), here are things I will remember about the Neb.

1. My first of many Husker games. The cheers that were once completely foreign to me, are now engrained in my mind. Standing in the student section, hot and sweating, losing my voice while cheering, and then going out to eat with my roommates afterwards.

2. Going to the university. One of my favorite times in life was going to class, being busy with studying and homework, watching all 10 seasons of friends at least 2 times, starbucks walks with my roomie, and the spontaneity of life at that point.

3. My first time at Bible study. I got lost, big-time. I was so frustrated by the time I got there that I was to the point of tears, so when someone told me to move my car I lost it. But loving it when I was finally there.

4. Flock - our small-group of young married friends that meets on Mondays. Monday night will feel empty for a while as we adjust to our new schedule.

5. Pioneers Park. I'll always remember this spot because it was where Hubs proposed. Nebraska will always be the place I meet and fell in love with Hubs. Whenever I think of those memories, they only take place here.

Blogging will be sporadic (but not absent) for the next month. We will arrive in Kansas on May 30. Stay with me, I will be back with full force and plenty of new stories.

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nebraskawhit said...

Heather! You are moving away!? You are leaving Haberfeld!? Fill me in on the news! Good luck to you in Kansas! And keep in touch!