Saturday, January 21, 2012

St. Louis Site: Blues Hockey Game

For Christmas, Hubs got tickets to the St. Louis Blues hockey game. This was our first NHL hockey game ever. In fact, all my hockey knowledge comes straight from the Mighty Ducks movies - all three of them.

We took the MetroLink to the Scottrade Center, where the Blues play. Its is so convenient to not have to worry about parking and really, I'm not sure you could park closer without paying a ridiculous amount and then worrying about whether your car gets broken into or not.

I insisted we use some of my Christmas cash for food at the arena, which is a treat for us. And then we went to find out seats.

They were great seats. We were 5 rows behind the penalty box. For first timers, it was awesome because you could really grasp how fast the puck moves, and how fast the players move. I was always focused on the game because it was right in front of me.

I didn't understand everything, but caught on more and more as the periods progressed. It also got more excited as the game went on and I found myself standing up and cheering for the team. The blues had 38 shots total, and finally scored on shot 37 very close to the end of the game.

And although I watched for it, I never did see the "V" formation that always worked for the Mighty Ducks.

The Blues won, which added to the first time experience. And, I would definitely go again. I enjoyed it much more than baseball - it was fast paced, they played some great music, and you don't have to sit outside and sweat in the summer heat. Actually, I'd suggest wearing warm got a bit chilly in there after a while.

I am officially a fan of the St. Louis Blues and it's something to see when visiting St. Louis. I may even be caught trying to watch a game on TV!

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