Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The magical mug has lost its power

This mug had special powers.

Each day for the past 4 weeks I walked into my Starbucks and handed the barista this mug. She would fill it up with my favorite brew and handed it back to me. No questions asked and no money given. Just a magical mug that gives free coffee whenever. Pretty much a dream come true for me.

But then...the magic stopped.

Today, my magical mug no longer works. I walked right on past my Starbucks store, not even glancing in that direction. Immediately at work I filled up a different mug with normal office coffee. Not even close to the same. It was sad.

On the last day of magic, my Starbucks unknowingly brewed one of my favorite blends [Cafe Estima]. Yep, I used my magic mug two times that day.

So, I might be going through a withdrawal for the next few days; but it sure was fun while it lasted!


Anonymous said...

Why?!! How did it lose its powers? Don't leave me hanging... :)
Mrs Y

Mama on the Run said...

Cafe Estima is the BEST! And the Hutch store is only getting 40# of it come Monday. I think I shall go there and be the first to purchase a pound. It will go fast!

I also have to know - what this mug a special promo deal where you get to fill it up for free for a month? What a deal!

- Amy

The Feather Files said...

I guess I thought everyone new about the magical mug. At Christmas, Starbucks sold this mug for $19.95. If you brought this mug in during the month of January, you would get free coffee. My MIL gave it to me for Christmas and it was the best gift ever!

Tressa said...

When you find magic, you need to share ;) Thinking of you today as I watch The Voice