Tuesday, July 5, 2011

St. Louis Sight - Kirkwood Fireworks & Tropical Moose

We had planned to go to Fair Saint Louis on Saturday to see Maroon 5 and the fireworks underneath the arch. However, rain changed our plans and we ended up playing two very exciting games of Scrabble.

On July 4th, however, we headed out to Kirkwood for their fireworks show. I had heard about a shave ice place that had the Hawaiian specialty of ice cream on the bottom, plus a special little treat for canines.

We stood in line for a long time. It was a perfect day for shave ice. Once we got them, they were well worth the wait.

Mine is the giant papaya dream treat on the left; the nasty brown stuff on the left is for Ransom. They call it a "Canine Cooler" - meat flavored shave ice.

Ransom loved it. He couldn't stop eating it.

Ransom was very popular with the little girls sitting next to us. They loved on him until the fireworks started.

There were lots of people. The show was really good, too. And although Ransom does really well during the fireworks, we probably won't take him again.

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joan said...

Wow - Ransom really likes his "Canine Cooler". I would like to try yours, looks much more appetizing! : )