Friday, July 8, 2011

Saint Louis Sight: Cardinal's Game

We are football people. We are college football, Nebraska football, people. But now we are immersed it what can only be described as a baseball town. Baseball: the slow-moving, no-replays-on-the-big-screen, hard-to-hold-attention game.

We got free tickets to a Cardinals game, and if we are going to take in all this city has to offer, we definitely had to take in this game. Plus, we don't turn down free anything.

It rains here more than in Kansas. A 50% chance of rain in Kansas means it probably won't rain. A 50% chance of rain here means it just might rain or it just might not. Rain has affected our plans more than ever before. Just as it did on Thursday.

Though the game was delayed a little, we still went. We took the metrolink downtown to avoid parking fees and potential break-ins.

The sky was ominous against the lights of the stadium. The rain had cooled down the temperature, though, and it was a good night.

We settled in and started to enjoy the game. It was hard, however, with the smell of fried onion rings wafting my direction. It was hard to think of anything but the food I was not enjoying. I did think it was cool how they mowed an arch in the field.

The stadium was awesome. Clean and very nice. We were impressed.

It started raining about 90 minutes later. Pouring. So the rain delayed the game and we decided to head home. The metrolink proved to be a good form of transportation. One we will probably use again since the station is less than a mile away.

I definitely wouldn't mind going to another game! But next time...we're getting food.

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