Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Jerusalem? Why Me?

It was only a month ago that we were in the midst of Israel. Feels like 2 years ago right now. As usual, I fell in love with our vacation spot, but in a different way.

Hawai'i felt like the most beautiful place on earth. The mountains are the calmest place. Other places have had similar attractions to me, however Israel's is different. It attracts me because the Savior of my soul, the Lord of my life, the God of the world lived there. And as there were beautiful aspects to the land and fun sights, I miss Israel and yearn to be there because I learned so much about God while I was there. One of my favorite things was living inside Old Jerusalem's city walls for 3 days and becoming so familiar with the streets and area.

One of the main questions that filled my mind was, "Why Jerusalem?" We have songs like "The Holy City" that make it seem so great and important. And for centuries millennia people have sought control of this one place - but why? As one man put it - this is where the Divine came to live among the mundane.

Jehovah chose to live among his people in Jerusalem and that is the reason Jerusalem is so special. He could have chosen anywhere - really, He didn't have to chose to live among us at all. Mundane man rejected Him. He came to live among them anyway, and provided a way to atone for sins through animal sacrifice. These sacrifices could never pay the price for offended a Holy God, though. So, He sent His Son to live among the mundane men, becoming one himself.

He lived a blameless life. Innocent. He died a unworthy death. A death that His Father allowed because he loved me - a mundane human. A death that separated Jesus from his Father from the first time ever. A relationship that had been pure from eternity past was completely broken as Jesus died carrying all of our sins, because there was no other way for man to be reconciled to God.

How do I know that Jesus' death was enough to pay the price? Because of the empty tomb. He conquered death. He defeated sin. And He lives.

Before I knew Christ, I was nothing special. I was ordinary person headed to Hell, trusting in myself to find the right way. Mundane. Because Christ saved me, I can have joy and hope and peace.

Because God has come to live in the mundane.

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