Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

Great historical figures, and one ordinary man, convene to answer one question: "What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?" Each of these characters has met with Gabriel, the archangel, at some point in their life and "travelled" through time. Now they are all gathered together in some unknown heavenly place to determine the answer. And if they don't answer it in time, mankind will be destroyed.

There are many reasons I would never recommend this book to you. Mainly, it contradicts the Bible in many areas and takes liberties that border on sacrilegious. At one point during the discussion the text reads, "Many of us made it in [to Heaven] by the skin of our teeth - a decision at the last moment - and would rather not be reminded of how close we came to the alternate destination." To even suggest that a person can barely make it into heaven by what they have done reveals a lack of concern on the handling of God's Word by watering it down to something people want to hear.

The book was obviously written to appeal to a broad range of readers, which ultimately will confirm in a person's mind that humans control the world, not God. This is a feel-good, go-get-'em book that will motivate people the wrong direction. In fact, God is not even mentioned - not even as the answer to man's problem.

Even the writing style bored me. The dialogue was tiresome and his perception of famous people didn't even interest me.

Don't waste your time on a humanistic-themed book that will lead you in the opposite direction of a book based on the truth of the Bible.

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Gavin Reviews said...

Interesting views. I do believe, however, that it makes a reference to "the Boss's Son" other than that however, you are correct. No mention of God.

Richard said...
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Richard said...

A better question is did this book mention Jesus by name, as the way that any of these folks could attain a right relationship with God and ultimately enter heaven? Many people believe in God. Even the demons believe there is one God! Jesus is the distinctive, the epicenter, the focal point, and the apex of God's love and plan for mankind. So, did this book mention Jesus? If not, and it talks about people entering heaven by any other means, this book belongs in the trash.

Carl said...

Why do people write dumb books like this?