Monday, May 6, 2013

Some recent faves

Every once in a while, you run across some things that you just can't help but share. Today is one of those days.

Hospitality Series:
I enjoyed these quick reads about hospitality. Includes tips for people with children, with small houses, with a budget and for those who hate to cook. I was pleasantly surprised to find that already I implement a few of her ideas, and was also encouraged by her list of ideas for hospitality.

The Socially Acceptable Sin:
This article is amazingly well written and I really want to boast about the fact that I kind of know the author. But I won't. "What we need is a relentless appetite for the divine. We need a holy ravenousness. Our craving souls can turn and become enthralled by a goodness that is found in the presence of an all-glorious God. There is only one infinite source of satisfaction that can satisfy our bottomless cravings." It was a convicting read that caused me to stop and think on what I am finding satisfaction in, and it is never enough. I have been pondering these thoughts for the last week. "If only we would feast on an infinite God who offers fullness of life, rather than these lesser tables with the far milder flavors of money, sex, food and power."

Busyness is not a Virtue
Months ago, Hubs and I began making a conscious effort when asked how our week went, etc, to not reply with "We've been so busy." We came to the conclusion that we are always busy, so actually, busy was just the norm. And everyone is busy, so why do I need to point that out to others? And why am I actually pointing out how busy I am? Anyway, I came across this article that reiterated our thoughts. "Going on about how busy you are isn't conversation and doesn't lead anywhere - except making your conversation partner bored, or worse, peeved. People who act super busy send the same message, making time spent with them never feel quite whole."

A Musing Maralee
I really enjoy this blog. Which may be surprising because I don't have children and she blogs about motherhood, adoption, raising children and even some of those make-your-insides-boil issues like vaccinations and nursing. [I actually originally linked and talked about her recent series on vaccinations because I loved it, but then I chickened out. I have observed from the outside how some of these issues can, if allowed, define friendships, burn bridges and hurt feelings. So, it was a great series of facts and personal choice that I would recommend anyone reading, no matter what stance you take. Here is the link.] Maralee is humorous, honest and down to earth and I really enjoy her biblical perspective when she writes.

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Maralee Bradley said...

Thanks so much for reading my blog and posting a link! I'm glad to know it's fun for a non mom, too :) I've had a great time poking around your blog today and now I think I'm going to have to use your grout cleaning recipe!