Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Screaming or Whispering

I was sound asleep when I had the feeling that someone was very close to my face. Then I started realizing there was a noise that was getting louder and louder. It was a voice. And that voice was shouting at me. It kept going and I knew I should pay attention to it. It was someone trying to get me to answer.

Who's voice is that? Hubs. Hubs is trying to talk to me. But, why is he yelling so loud? I started focusing on the words. Closet. Where. Stuff. Feather. I was finally able to put together that he wanted to know where I had put the stuff that was in the closet when I cleaned it out. Table. Book. Anywhere else? He needs to find a textbook, Feather. Answer him.

But why does he need it in the middle of the night? What is happening right now? The shouting continues. Where did you put the stuff that was in the closet? Did you put it anywhere else beside the table in the storage room? I am missing a textbook. Answer him and maybe he will stop yelling at you.

I know my answer in my head, but my mouth isn't working right. Only one small portion of my brain woke up to handle this situation. My head said, "I put everything on that table and some other stuff in the pantry." But what came out was, "Yes table. Or furnace." What? "The furnace room. P-pan-pan-what is it-try. Pantry. Or on the table. Probably on the table." I should get up and help him look. Why does he need a book right now. "I'll get up." No. I'll go look.

The voice was quiet and the body that was very near me, moved away. My mind was telling me that I should get up and explain myself better, but my body was still asleep. I hadn't moved and my eyes never opened.

I hear noise again. Found it. It was right where I had already looked and missed it. I turned over and it was quiet again.

***I asked Hubs this morning why he was yelling at me for a textbook in the middle of the night. He said he was whispering and it was only 11:00 pm.

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Anonymous said...

This is funny! Mrs Y.