Sunday, July 15, 2012

St Louis Site: Fitz's Bottling Company

So, it's been a while. Again. I guess just get used to it. It's obvious I'm not going to ever blog as frequently as I once did.

We've been in St. Louis over one year and I have this to say. Summer is not my favorite. Last summer was HOT and everyone said it was unusually hot. This year, it is HOT. Ransom has take to this pose under the ceiling fan to keep cool:

In other news, we did a little project in the house that I will post about tomorrow. My mom came for a visit! And we sold our car. To celebrate, we took mom to Fitz's Bottling Company for root beer floats. After seeing the size of these floats, Hubs and I decided to split while mom decided on a root beer shake. The great thing about splitting was that they put them in two separate cuts for us. It was a good call to split, because although I know I could have definitely put down an entire float on my own, I definitely should not.

We hope to go there again sometime and try their food. We also just got ordinary root beer floats, but they have all sorts of different options. Afterwards, we walked around "The Loop," which is the area of town Fitz's is located in. A little different of an area - interesting shops and people, not necessarily my area of choice but fun for eating.

Come visit. If not to see us, to have a root beer float at Fitz's!

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Looks tasty!
Mrs Young