Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little dose of reality

Life. Is. Crazy.

Just so you know, I don't think it ever stops being crazy. And this is coming from a person who really has it easy. I know plenty of moms out there would be quick to tell me who much crazier it could be.

But back to our crazy life. Reality hit this weekend in a big way. Hubs and I traveled to our future home. Like in a few months - future. And as crazy as these streets seemed, soon we will know them. We will be able to navigate them.

It's really happening. We are going to move! It's exciting one minute and stressful the next. And in the midst of planning for the future and making hugomundous life decisions, we still have current-life. Our friends. Dinner plans. Baby showers. Travels. A marathon Hubs is training for. Bathrooms to clean and jobs to do well.

So, I am searching for balance and taking one moment at a time. And no matter how quickly the next few weeks and months pass, God continually reminds me that He knows and cares. And really, there are more important things that houses and jobs and money. There is His glory and honor and praise to be shown as I live each day.

Sunday, we tried out a church. During the service, Richard leans over to me and says, "Hey, over there is a friend from high school." Sure enough. There was a familiar face in the crowd. Then, in another conversation we found someone who knows my grandpa. Where we expected to be complete strangers, we found familiar faces.

It was a reality-trip. Driving around St. Louis. Seeing the many different areas. Looking for a home. Going to church. What an adventure it will be to see how God will use us there!


Audrey said...

that's crazy you saw someone you guys knew!!! when exactly are you buys moving again??

Shanle's said...

Having experienced this ourself, I know y'all will settle in, find new friends, new church, and make yourselves at home. Yes it'll take time, but be bold sometimes! Take the initiative and get out there. The quicker you dive in, the easier laying roots will be. :)

Praying for you friend!