Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What I didn't expect

I had decided to give this blog up, but Hubs doesn't want me to. So, we will see if I can post more frequently in the coming months.

Lots has changed in our life since I posted last. Actually, lots has happened that I haven't shared since June 2013. It's been a roller coaster ride for us, with lots of disappointments, questions, searching, unknowns and confusion. And that's about all I can share on this public blog, but as we begin 2015 it looks likes his year is going to start off with more of the same. But there was another major change in our life that I will post about.

We have a daughter! On December 8, Hubs and I stared in shock as a screaming baby girl was placed on my chest. We had been waiting for that moment for months, but when it actually happened it felt so surreal with so many thoughts and emotions all at once. She may look like a typical newborn, but we happen to think she is the most adorable child on the planet!

In the days that followed her birth, there were many things that I didn't expect. Many of those were things that other moms leave you in the dark about until after the baby comes, but I'm not going to get into those things on this blog. (A little heads up would have been nice, though, but I am starting to see how those memories can fade after a few weeks.)

But there was one thing I didn't expect that was surprising and lovely: I love Hubs even more than I did when I walked into that hospital. Which is saying a lot, because I loved him so much before! Going through the process of having our daughter, though, made me love my husband so much deeper. And that was a welcomed surprise.

Perhaps it was spending the time together while in labor - although I sent Hubs out for two hours to take Ransom to the dog park. It could have been the way Hubs was making sure I got the best care possible. Seeing Hubs look at our daughter for the first time had to contribute to it. And seeing him excited to hold her was part of it, too.

Hopefully this is what happens for everyone when they have a baby - that they love their husband 10 times more than they did before. Because I believe that one of the best things for our daughter is that we love each other.

As for the other things I didn't expect, well, this is such a new adventure for us that there is bound to be a lot to learn. The learning curve is high, but when we look at her we know that it is all worth it and are excited for the time we have to be her parents!


Audrina said...

Aww sweet post.:-)

Anonymous said...

I (30 yrs old, married five years, also with a cute black dog) randomly came across your blog because I had just read about the town of Laish/Dan in the Bible and was searching for photos of it on the internet. A photo of your trip to Israel came up and it took me to your blog. I really enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your thoughts about the trip and when I clicked on your most recent blog I noticed that you said you were planning on ending the blog. So I just wanted to give you some encouragement that I enjoyed it and agree with your Hubs about not quitting. :) And congrats on your new baby girl!