Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Cancun Honeymoon (2006)

Today marks EIGHT years of our adventure as Hubs and Feath. We now look at our wedding photos and think, "We looked so young!" When we were married, we had no idea what the next years would hold, but I can say without a doubt that I love Hubs at least 100x more today than I did then.

Hawaii (2008)

I would feel a little lost without Hubs. I love having my best friend as my husband. There is nobody I'd rather talk about my day with, no one I'd rather spend my time with and no one I'd rather live life with. He challenges me to change, he encourages me to grow and he humbles me.

Israel (2011)

Long's Peak (2012)

We talked the other day about what we were like when we first got married. Hubs told me he felt bad for me having married him as he was eight years ago. I told him that I could very well say the same thing. But what is the neatest thing about our marriage is where we are today. We have changed each other in good ways. We have grown in our knowledge and love of the Lord. We have been able to learn and apply theology to our life and practically live it out. We have made God's Word our authority over any of our traditions or pre-conceived notions of what our family should look like. And what we have come up with is a marriage that we both work hard at and that we both love.

Ortho Residency Graduation (2013)

Being married has far surpassed my wildest expectations. There have been hard times and growing seasons, but never could I have imagined our relationship to have grown to the spot it is now. So today, I am doing the only thing I can. I am praising the Lord for what He has accomplished in our lives to this point. I am thanking Him for this marriage because I guarantee that neither of us would have created this on our own. And I am praying for our marriage over the next year as we add to our family and begin our newest adventure of parenthood!

Just 'normal' life (2014)

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