Sunday, January 5, 2014

Am I Ready?

Last Sunday, we were challenged to take some time before the new year and plan for our spiritual growth. It was a great sermon that asked a lot of questions, and since then, I have wanted to sit down and plan out my year. What will I study? What will I read? Is my theology ready for whatever comes in 2014? (Click here to watch to that sermon by Rick Holland.)

This morning, I finally sat down to think through the sermon and make a plan for spiritual growth this year. I started off by reading a sermon by J.C.Ryle, "Are You Ready?". It is a short little read (from which Rick Holland quotes frequently in his sermon) and it started me thinking soberly about the next 12 months. (Click here to read that sermon by J.C. Ryle.)

Never before have I really prepared for the year ahead, but I want to make sure I am ready for whatever happens. Not that the trials will be easier, the loss will be less or the growth will be exactly scaled at what I think it should. But that what I believe about God and his Word will be the solid foundation I need to be tossed against when both hard times and good things come.

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